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Off topic, but...

Mods: feel free to delete this.

I realize this is off topic, but here's the thing. Pepsi is doing a promotional deal right now. They are offering TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to whichever two foundations/interest groups/community outreach programs can get the most votes.  You can vote once a day, every day through the end of February.

Why is this important? There is a foundation, called the Joyful Heart Foundation that is participating. It was founded by Mariska Hargitay in response to the outpouring of letters and support she received from her role as Olivia Benson in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The foundation helps rape victims, domestic violence victims and children of dometic violence. Did you know that ONE in THREE women will be a victim of abuse? Did you know nearly half of teen girls who have been in a relationship say they have been victims of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse by their boyfriends.That's FIFTY percent!

This foundation raises awareness for these things, and provides therapy for victims. They'd use the money for their magazine, to spread awareness about the violence against women.

So, please, vote. Every day, when you get up in the morning, or while you're checking your e-mail, go vote.


Mary McCormack on Twitter!

Today, Josh Malina talked Mary into getting a Twitter!  He posted a picture on his twitter ( @joshmalina) of them on the couch on set today.  Mary's twitter name is @marycmccormack 

I am so excited for the season to begin and Season 2 to come out on dvd!

Nice Vid: IPS + Only Human

Here's a link to a vid I like a lot: http://fanvidfan.blogspot.com/2009/10/in-plain-sight-only-human.html

It was created by  http://www.youtube.com/user/kewiki382 and I found it on youtube.

The music is "Only Human"


Picpsam : 2-03 : Let's Get it Ahn

I  made a picpsam of the last scene in the episode 2-03 : Let's Get it Ahn

To Happiness


Fic: A Wolf at the Door

Catching up with In Plain Sight this summer has inspired me to join the fandom. Thus, my first IPS fic.

Title: A Wolf at the Door
Author: namarie24
Rating: PG
Warnings: This is crackfic, but it is mostly harmless.
Disclaimer: I do not own this show or these characters.

Follow the fake cut to my journal...




Please put any and all discussions about tonight's episode and any episodes that we do not have discussion posts for from this season in this post.

I'm sorry that I god ridiculously lazy with this this season, guys. I had a LOT of more important shit going on offline and got lazy with it. Sorry about that. :[

Also! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE TAG YOUR POSTS. There is a tag for everything. If you do not see a tag that is appropriate, there is! We have a misc tag. Please use it! Thanks!
When USA announced that In Plain Sight was picked up for a third season run of 16 episodes, many people glossed over the fact that the show's executive producer and creator David Maples would no longer be running the show. And as it turns out, creative differences between the creator and the network are not just changing the writers' room, but two stars are leaving the show as well.

The rest of the article. Spoilers for the finale, and beyond.Collapse )

Source: E!Online

Vote for Mary!

Over at Film.com they are having a poll on who TV's top brainy babe is. Since we all know that has to be our Mary ... go over and vote!


USA renews 'In Plain Sight'

Network also finalizing deal to bring back 'Criminal Intent'

By Nellie Andreeva

Aug 2, 2009, 11:00 PM ET

USA Network has renewed sophomore drama "In Plain Sight" for a third season.

Additionally, the network is finalizing a deal to renew the show's companion on Sunday nights, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

That, combined with last week's orders for the red-hot Thursday duo of "Burn Notice" and "Royal Pains," means that USA has picked up all of its series that were up for renewal; that is an impossible feat for a broadcast network and very rare for a cable net.

But USA is completely dominating the cable ratings with big help from its slate of six original series: the newly picked up quartet and hits "Monk" and "Psych."

"It's a great run," president of original programming Jeff Wachtel said. "We have an incredible team, and we also have gotten a little lucky."

"Sight," which stars Mary McCormack as an U.S. marshal for the witness protection program, has been picked up for 16 episodes, the same order the network recently gave to "Burn" and "Pains."

There will be a change at the helm of "Sight" next season: The two executive producers , creator David Maples and Paul Stupin, will take a back seat in the day-to-day operations but stay on as consultants.

"With his creative voice, David has been an incredibly important part of the show," Wachtel said

The network plans to bring in another person to give the series "a little more narrative drive."

After launching in summer 2008 as the year's top new cable series, the second season of "Sight" premiered during the regular broadcast season, airing in the run-up to and during the May sweep.

That was a tall order for a young show, but "Sight" passed the test with flying colors, averaging almost 5 million viewers and getting a 55% bump from DVR viewing in the Live+7 ratings, Wachtel said. The show is set to wrap Aug. 16

The network hasn't decided yet whether "Sight," which is darker than most USA fare, will continue to be partnered with "Criminal Intent." It might also move from 10 p.m. to 9 p.m. to launch a new series the way the third season of "Burn" was used to launch breakout hit "Pains."

Next for the network is this week's season premiere of the Friday bumbling-detective block of departing veteran "Monk" and "Psych" and the October launch of new light drama "White Collar."

But even with the solid performance of all of its series so far this year, USA still plans to order one or two more pilots by the end of the year, Wachtel said, in addition to the recently greenlighted spy drama "Cover Affairs" starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham.

OK, they either don't tell people they are marshals at all, or don't tell people they are marshals assigned to the witness protection program.

Telling people they are marshals and that they can't discuss it further would be the easiest thing to do. Do we have any evidence from any epidodes or clips/interviews/etc. that that is what they do? From what I remember, most US marshals aren't in the witness protection program, the marshal service does a lot of various things.

If they don't tell people they are marshals at all, what DO they tell people they do? It's obvious they are in law enforcement - Mary's family knows she carries 2 guns and have known since at least the 2nd episode she had at least one gun. Marshal has been shot. I'm fairly sure when Mary was kidnapped, the news said "a US Marshal was kidnapped." Haven't her friends/family made cracks about her directing traffic or something? (I have a horrible memory for actual quotes or the episodes from which things come from.) At the very least, the guns and Marshal being shot would make her family and Raph HAVE to know she's in come kind of law enforcement.

What are witsec marshals supposed to tell people? I mean, you HAVE to be able to answer "what do you do for a living?" because "nothing" or "I can't tell you" would make people nosy and start poking around and that would be bad. So there must be some answer or set of answers they are supposed to use, and it likely involves law enforcement to explains the guns and possible injuries. Maybe "traffic guard" or something, but there must be something...


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