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inplainsightusa's Journal

In Plain Sight Unofficial Community
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Community for Fans of the USA Network Drama, "In Plain Sight"

Welcome to the unofficial fan community for the new USA Network drama, "In Plain Sight"

From Wikipedia:

"The series revolves around Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), a United States deputy marshal

attached to the federal witness protection program. Shannon must find ways to balance her

professional life of protecting witnesses with her "dysfunctional" family life.[2] Her partner Marshall

Mann (Fred Weller) assists her in her assignments and serves as the foil for Shannon. The show is

filmed and based in Albuquerque New Mexico."

The rules are very short and simple:

- Post large/multiple pictures under a cut.
- All posts must be about or related to In Plain Sight.
- POST ANY AND ALL SPOILERS UNDER A CUT. Any posts or comments not following this rule will be deleted without notice.
- In general just don't be a jackass to each other. Thanks.
- Please don't make intro posts. Just jump right in. :3
- Every week there will be a post before the episode to talk about the episode as it airs and after. Post any thoughts you have about the episode as it airs in that post, don't make your own until after the episode has aired on the west coast.
- Please try to remember to tag your entries.

About Fanfiction:
Want to post fanfiction? Fantastic! Just please be sure to post the following information outside of the cut, and the actual story inside the cut (no matter how long or short it is).

- Title of the fic.
- Author's name.
- Pairing(s) involved, if any.
- Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17).
- Any necessary warnings of potentially offensive content.
- A disclaimer.

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